Cleaning and painting
Refurbishment of Production Halls
AD Property Services works in partnership with E-kleim - a European leader in refurbishment of production halls.

The Ekleim provides:
  • comprehensive refurbishment of production plant,
  • 100% conformity with safety and health regulations and quality systems requirements,
  • … and a close-knit team of specialists, ready to do new tasks right away.
Priorities: safety and quality
As a result of works carried out by the Ekleim the already utilised shops revert to the original perfect condition. Refurbishment of industrial facilities is a very narrow and demanding specialisation. The quality of our work often determines whether our customers' companies successfully pass quality audits or meet safety and health requirements. Owing to this, when we commit ourselves to take an assignment, we take full responsibility for the safety and quality of works carried out by us.

Cleaning is just a beginning
Tasks realised by the Ekleim vastly extend beyond regular cleaning of floor shops. We provide comprehensive revitalisation, whether it covers difficult to remove caked waste on process lines, replacement of wall cladding in galvanizing shops, or removal of highly explosive dust in metal smelting houses.We cooperate with food processing industry, paper and printing industry, CNC processing and welding, and metallurgy.

Full cooperation with production management
Before we start refurbishment of a shop we carry out a thorough analysis of the facility condition and hold talks with the production management. On our part we provide comprehensive content-related assistance and put forward our proposals, while making sure that all norms and standards are met. We document are works in a manner specified by the customer

Our team is ready for work
Works in production shops are connected with a high risk factor. At the Ekleim we always work in the same experienced teams, therefore we are certain that each employee approaches their duties diligently and with full professionalism.

The Ekleim's staff is made up of industrial mountaineers, manlift operators and fitters for at-heights work, as well as safety and health specialists and quality systems specialists. That allows us to maintain the highest standards of cooperation.