CNC processing and welding shops
A shop operated for a number of years starts looking like a heading in a coal mine.
Oil stains are deposited not only on walls, ceilings and structural elements, but also on lights, thus limiting the amount of emitted light. Dust produced during grinding is accumulated in cable conduits and may cause grid overheating, which in turn increases the risk of fire.

Our knowledge of the nature of your industry allows us to plan works to maximally improve the condition of the shop and increase safety.

We remove persistent dirt and stains which settle on all structural elements of a shop and its equipment. Depending on the Customer-specified budget we limit the works to removal of dust deposits or we propose a comprehensive cleaning (washing) of a production plant.

As part of a shop refurbishment:
  • we clean ceilings, structural elements and walls,
  • we clean lights and elements of shop equipment (gantry cranes, process lines),
  • we remove dust accumulated in cable conduits,
  • we repaint the shop and provide fitting works,
  • we replace the damaged panels,
  • we maintain and replace industrial camera systems,
  • we coat metal elements with anti-corrosion paint.
The above guarantees solid and lasting effect.