Food industry shops
Food industry is associated with absolute cleanliness.
As auditors we are aware how difficult it is to meet the requirements of BRC quality system and the TESCO Standard. From our experience we know that food production processes are accompanied by contaminations which are hard to remove.

We provide immediate response and total safety of all jobs assigned to us. We care about the protection of your employees and the Ekleim's staff.

On completion of works your shop meets quality system requirements as well as legal regulations applicable to food producers. We guarantee proper and exhaustive documentation of the carried out cleaning and maintenance - for the purpose of audits and inspections.

As part of a shop refurbishment we:
  • remove all deposits from process lines,
  • clean boilers, mixers, furnaces and other infrastructural elements of shops,
  • clean ceilings and walls,
  • clean intake and exhaust ventilation,
  • safely get rid of dust from industrial mills structures,
  • provide mould and mildew removal of washers and other high humidity environments,
  • coat metal elements with protective anti-corrosion paint,
  • clean steel structures with hydrodynamic method (water jet up to 3000 bars),
  • clean heat exchangers.
In thorough cleaning of production lines we use the dry ice (CO2) blasting technology which works perfectly where time and precision are of utmost importance. The greatest advantage of thorough cleaning with dry ice is elimination of problems connected with a start-up, e.g. repeated fitting, calibration or mould heating.