Metal industry floor shops
Refurbishment of metal industry floor shops is one of the most demanding areas of our work.
Persistent contamination and dust contribute not only to infrastructure corrosion but of the entire floor shop structure. When we commit to work for the metal industry we always bear in mind that temperature inside a shop reach almost Saharan levels, and the constantly settling dusts create additional risk of explosion. These are but a few factors we take into consideration when we plan our work.

Our experience in refurbishment of metal industry shops enables us to swiftly organise and carry out work. The entire work overlaps with typical production downtimes. We have perfected the system of task realisation which enables us to maintain the highest standards while optimally shortening the time needed to complete the tasks.

As part of a shop refurbishment we:
  • remove dust from the shop structure, ceiling and walls,
  • comprehensively and thoroughly clean all the elements of building infrastructure of the shop,
  • coat the structural elements with anti-corrosion pain,
  • replace and dispose of the worn elements of infrastructure,
  • perform thorough/hydrodynamic cleaning (water jet up to 3000 bars),
  • clean heat exchangers.