Printing houses and paper manufacturing facilities
Dust generated during paper production is light and is emitted in huge quantities. It settles virtually everywhere. High concentration of dusts may also negatively impact the comfort of work carried out in a production shop.

Our efforts contribute to lesser risk of production machine failures, greater comfort of work, fresher look of the cleaned shop, but foremost our work minimises the risk of spontaneous combustion.

We provide excellently planned, efficient and swift organisation and completion of works in a production shop. Substantial time-related flexibility allows us to optimally shorten the period necessary for us to complete tasks assigned to us.

As part of a shop refurbishment we:
  • remove dust from the entire infrastructure of a production shop,
  • remove dust from ceilings and load bearing structure,
  • remove dust from lamps which improves efficiency of light sources in the shop,
  • remove dust from cable conduits,
  • thoroughly clean steel elements with the use of hydrodynamic method,
  • carry out comprehensive cleaning of floor shops (ceilings, walls, structural elements),
  • clean intake-exhaust ventilation.
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For thorough cleaning of production lines we use the dry (CO2) ice technology. In the paper industry the dry ice thorough cleaning technology is used, among others, to clean printing machines including accessories, rollers, electric cables, pneumatic and hydraulic tubes and pipes.