Carpet and upholstery cleaning
At AD Property Services, we have specialist equipment for wet, deep cleaning of carpets, rugs, stairs, chairs, sofas, curtains and more. Our machines are safe to use, yet results of cleaning are fantastic. For hard floor cleaning, we use high quality buffing machines and depending on requirement we fit different type of pads so that we can fully meet expectations of our clients.

Solutions used are of the highest quality. We use Prochem products, who is a supplier of carpet cleaning products by appointment of Her Majesty The Queen. We have range of solutions for different types of carpets/furniture.

We can provide you with fumigation service to remove upsetting smells from you carpets and upholstery and to make clean and fresh as new.

Our unique 3-stage process of cleaning, only adds to the effectiveness. All that comes at very competitive price as we want our customers to be happy not only with the quality but also the price.

Furthermore, we can provide you carry out deep hard floor cleaning. For this service, we use various equipment such as buffer machine, hard floor scrubbers and more so essentially, we can clean any type of hard floor to a high standard.